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About forty years ago, homeowners considered aluminum siding the best choice of all siding materials. This was until manufacturers introduced vinyl into the market. Vinyl became the best choice due to aluminum's limited textures and the color's tendency to chip and fade years later.

Today, metal siding comes in two versions, steel, or aluminum. Steel is stronger than aluminum, it does not dent easily, and it is superior in color retention; however, steel siding is much more expensive per square.

The most popular reasons for choosing aluminum are that it repels pests, it is resistant to rusting, and it is completely fire resistant. Likewise, aluminum bodes better in wet weather because it does not absorb moisture. Homes sided with aluminum and located in a humid or warm area will provide the desired comfort level because of the siding's ability to hold the cool internal temperature.

On the other hand, aluminum siding does not perform well in areas with high winds or hail storms. Winds that transport debris can scratch the siding's surface, and hail can dent the metal. Also, aluminum is noisy and will ping when it rains.

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Thus, when speaking to a Fort Worth roofing professional, ask them whether aluminum siding is a good choice for the home's location.

Another advantage to the metal siding is its modern industrial aesthetics. Manufacturers are creating numerous textures, including a wood-like variety, which do not resemble metal. Some aluminum sheets are coated with vinyl and come in various colors. If the color fades, repainting is possible.

Moreover, aluminum is an excellent choice for people who suffer from respiratory issues, as metal does not easily attract mold and mildew. If mildew is present, a simple power wash can eliminate all traces of the bacterium.

There are disadvantages to the aluminum veneer. Metal siding protects homes from direct sunlight by not absorbing the heat. However, without additional insulation, the homeowner will find that the cost of heating the home is significantly higher in the winter. Furthermore, if the metal sheets are ungrounded, aluminum generates static electricity.

Finally, homeowners should note that when a section of the siding begins to wear more than the surrounding spaces, replacing or repairing the sheet is difficult. For the contractor to restore the area, they will need to match the new section with the entire facade. The difficulty is due to the metal's exposure to the elements, which causes fading and chalking.

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