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Constructing a room addition on a home can give a family more space, but one must consider how the addition will look when a roof is added. If the roof on the home addition does not match the original roofing materials, the home may not be as aesthetically pleasing as it once was. Fortunately, a Fort Worth roofing contractor can walk a homeowner through their options in this area.

One of the most popular roofing options when it comes to an addition is to add a roof extension. It can be easy to extend the existing roof line from the gable end of the home, but doing so can make the house look longer because the gable ends are usually located on the sides of the property. Also, most additions are added to the front or back of the home, so adding an extension here can be very difficult, and tying the new roof into the old roof seamlessly can be a bit complicated.

For some additions, adding a shed roof is an acceptable option. Shed roofs consist of one single slope that attaches to a high point on the original roof. The new roof slopes down towards the outer wall of the room addition. This is one of the cheapest and easiest options available for homeowners, but it can sometimes make the addition look somewhat like an afterthought.

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If the shed roof can be seen from the front of the home, it can actually decrease the value of the property. In fact, some building codes do not allow shed roofs over living spaces, so homeowners should do some research if they are interested in this option.

Another option is to install a gable roof over the new addition. Unlike shed roofs, gable roofs have two slopes that meet at the ridge. If the gable roof is matched to the existing roof line, the resulting addition can add an interesting element to the home. When it is done well, the addition will look like it was always on the house.

Finally, dormers can be used to help new roof additions tie into the old roof. Dormers are essentially small gable roofs that project out of the main roof. Dormers can also add a unique look to the home.

Once it has been determined what type of roof addition may work best, a contractor can help ensure that the roof type is allowed under the local building codes. Additionally, the contractor can also ensure that the new roof will tie in with the old roof.

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