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When it's time to get a new roof, talk to Dallas roofing professionals about the attic's ventilation to ensure that this area is properly treated prior to beginning a major project. While there are several problems that can arise from poor ventilation, the good news is that there are also some very easy solutions. In addition to enjoying slightly lower energy bills, homeowners can also prolong the lifespan of their roof and protect their manufacturer's warranty.

It's important to understanding the venting process. While attics are not heated or cooled like the rest of the home, they still have their own unique environment. In the winter, rising heat can keep the attic warm and cause snow on the roof to melt. Water may be forced under the shingles by the presence of melting ice on the roof, and this can lead to water leaks as the underlayment is damaged. In the summer, the heat is transferred in through the shingles and may become unable to escape. With lower soffit vents and elevated roof vents, fresh air from the outside can be pulled in to dissipate the heat and create a more stable environment.

As the heat rises in the attic, it can lead to problems with humidity. If the water does not evaporate, it can sit on the wood and lead to problems with mold or rot.

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With proper ventilation, the moisture is either dried or carried out of the space before the mold can form. The easiest time to correct attic ventilation is during a replacement, but the adjustments can also be made on an existing roof to help protect the home.

Shingles take a beating from the sun, but they're designed to withstand the exposure. However, they aren't designed to deal with heat from both directions. As the sun warms a roof in the summer, the temperature in the attic will build up faster than it can escape. The result is high temperatures on both sides of the shingle and premature failure.

Some roofing materials have warranties of up to 50 years, but these warranties are voided if the roof is not installed correctly. If the attic is not vented properly, then the warranty company and even the homeowners insurance can deny claims.

Homeowners can protect their roofs and their best interests by taking a closer look at the ventilation. Ridge vents are growing in popularity, and they can be added at any time. There are several options for improving the airflow in an attic, and property owners can rely on professional roofers to provide them with an effective system.

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