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Dallas roofing professionals have seen an increase in the number of homeowners who are opting to use metal roofing material on their homes. This increase is due in part to the fact that metal roofs are now available in a wide array of colors, styles and shapes. Also, they are versatile enough to be used with any architectural design, including hip and gable roofs. Metal roofing is building a reputation for longevity, durability and providing unprecedented energy savings.

Homeowners are often surprised to hear that a metal roof will reduce their energy costs every year. This happens because metal, unlike traditional asphalt roofing material, does not hold onto the heat it absorbs from the sun's ultraviolet rays. A traditional asphalt roof will stay hot hours after the sun has set. This leads to heat being transferred from the roof into the home, which in turn requires the air conditioning system to work harder to cool the home. Metal reflects the sun's UV rays, thereby keeping the home cool during summer months.

Homeowners who do not want to completely tear off their old roof may wonder if they can install a metal roof over their existing roof. In most cases, the answer is yes. This is because metal roofing is a lightweight material.

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Metal sheets can be installed over existing roofing material without needing to fortify the roofing structure.

Some are concerned about the appearance of a metal roof on their home. Much of this concern stems from an outdated idea of what metal roofing is. Gone are the days of metal roofing being regulated to corrugated panels that were best suited for agricultural buildings. Modern metal roofing materials can be fabricated to simulate other natural roofing materials such as slate, cedar shakes and clay tiles. Far from detracting from the appearance of a home, metal roofing can add to its curb appeal and its value.

Another concern that homeowners have is about the cost of installing a metal roof. While it is true that a metal roof will cost two to three times more than a traditional asphalt roof, it is also true that when the price is looked at over the life cycle of the roof, a metal roof is less expensive. A metal roof can last 50 years or more. During that time, a homeowner with a traditional asphalt roof will need to replace the roof at least three times. This alone makes the initial investment involved in installing a metal roof worth it.

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