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When it comes time to install a new roof, many homeowners default to the most common roof covering, the asphalt shingle. However, there are many other roof coverings available, and these alternatives could be better for a given homeowner's home and financial situations. Dallas roofing experts know that there are a number of factors that should be considered in order to determine the best roof for a specific home.

There are several questions that one should ask when determining what roofing material to use. Perhaps the two that receive the most emphasis from the average homeowner are as follows: how long will the roof last, and how much will it cost? However, there are other important factors to consider based on where the home is located and the shape of the roof frame. A homeowner in a coastal region should be asking about the roof's ability to withstand natural disasters endemic to the region such as hurricanes.

Another question to consider is whether the slope of the roof will permit the roofing material to be used. Flat roofs do not perform as well with certain types of building materials as high slope roofs do, and vice versa. For example, built-up roofs are designed with flat roofs in mind, and are only feasible at very low roof pitches.

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Likewise, asphalt shingles are designed for moderate- to steep-pitched roofs, and do not perform well on roofs with very low pitches.

A third question that homeowners should consider is whether the look of the roofing material complements the appearance of the house. For example, wood shakes have a natural, earthy look to them, and so is best matched to homes with a similar rustic appearance.

Other questions to ask before selecting a roofing material become more practical. How environmentally friendly is the roof? Is the roof frame strong enough to support the weight of the material? Is this roofing material allowed in the neighborhood? All of these are important questions to ask before committing to any roofing material.

There are numerous materials available on the market, so before installing a new roof, it is a good idea to have answers to each question. For some homeowners, certain factors will be more important than others. However, the wide variety of options available, such as wood shakes, clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate, and metal, means that homeowners can readily find the material which is best for their homes and their situations.

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