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Even the smallest of roof leaks can cause major damage to homeowners' roofing systems in the long run. The roof is designed to protect the home, and, if it's properly maintained, it will do its job for a long time. It's always a good idea, however, to periodically inspect for leaking, particularly during a rainy spell. If a leak is found, seek out a Dallas roofing company to make repairs as soon as possible. If the leak is left untreated, it can cause the wood to warp, rot or grow mold. Look for leaks in the most common places.

Most roofs allow for protrusions that house venting systems. These typically include the furnace vent, the plumbing vent and vents for the kitchen and bathroom fans. The areas around these vents are particularly susceptible to leaking, as the flashing or other protective layers that provide insulation can degrade over time.

There may also be actual holes in the roof. This tends to happen when something like a branch falls onto the roof and punctures it, but it can occur from other things as well.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or roof maintenance.

The best way to note holes in the roof is to go into the attic during the day and look for any areas where light is seeping in. If light can get it, so can water.

The roof's shingles provide the best layer of protection. If one or more of the shingles is missing, it exposes the underlayment to the elements, and water can begin to seep in through this area. Missing shingles should always be replaced, but it's important to note that if many are starting to fall off, it may be time to replace the entire roof. A quality roofing company can judge whether the roof warrants immediate replacement or whether it still has a few years left.

Any areas where water pools are also bound to make the roof leak. These tend to occur in the roof valleys, where different parts of the roof meet each other. It can also occur when the gutters are clogged and the water can't properly drain from the roof.

While temporary patches may be able to hold the leaking back for a short time, they shouldn't be thought of as a solution to a leakage problem. A homeowner who notices leaking from the roof should think seriously about having a roofing contractor to come out to make repairs. Hiring professional help may cost money up front, but it can save on the cost of future repairs.

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