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In order to avoid water leaks and serious structural damage, homeowners should know what the warning signs of roof damage are. A Dallas roofing company can provide people with a thorough assessment if there are concerns, but the homeowner needs to know when it's time to bring in the professionals.

Age is one of the primary things to consider. Most asphalt roofs are rated for 20 to 30 years, so materials that are aging should be inspected to determine how effectively they can protect the home and shed water. An aging roof will start to require a good deal of maintenance, so it's typically more cost effective to simply replace the shingles.

Shingles are meant to lie flat so that they can shed water. If they're curling on the edges of lifting up, then they're structurally compromised and should be replaced. Shingles that have blown off in a storm must be replaced as quickly as possible. This type of damage can typically be seen from the ground. Pay particular attention to the valleys as this is one of the first places where this type of damage can be seen.

In the past, roof cement and tar were used around chimneys, any headwall and other protrusions. Homeowners are encouraged to upgrade to metal flashing in these areas because it's more durable and water resistant.

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This type of finish around protrusions also indicates that a roof is well over 20 years old and should probably be replaced.

It's counterintuitive to look down for roofing problems, but the fact is that some issues will show up in the landscaping. Check bushes and other areas along the eaves for asphalt granules and broken pieces of shingles. This indicates that the roof is degrading and may be in danger of failing completely.

Other problems can be seen by visiting the attic. Past water leaks will cause the roof sheathing to rot and degrade. The damage may manifest as open holes where sunshine leaks through, warped boards and splintering boards. In addition to replacing the shingles, the damaged sheathing will also have to be replaced to maintain structural integrity.

Homeowners are encouraged to keep an eye on the roof and call for assistance at the first sign of problems. Some issues will only require a simple repair, and others will result in a full replacement. However, it's more cost effective to have the roof replaced before it can leak and cause structural damage inside the home.

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