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Dallas Roofing: Article About Warm Climate Roofing Materials

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When homeowners choose materials for a new roof, they should consider this area's warm climate. Some roofing materials are better suited to local temperatures than others are.

In the Dallas roofing industry, shingles are common. While most people think of shingles as being dark in color, local homeowners should seek out light hues. Dark colors absorb and retain heat. Light colors reflect and release it. While dark colors are better for climates with long winters, this area's hot and humid summers can be made more comfortable by using light colored shingles on a new roof.

One way to beat the heat is to opt for a roof made of slate tiles. Light colored slate is durable and helps a house cool. It is used extensively in warmer climates that have access to it.

Slate's unique appearance can be synthesized with other materials. Concrete can be made to look like any shade of slate, and its lighter shades will cool a warm climate house. For those with the means to apply to it, concrete tiles can be custom dyed to create a unique hue and give a home a one of a kind roof.

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The naturally light tones of clay and terracotta tiles lend heat releasing qualities. Roof construction systems associated with clay tiles also discourage heat retention. Long time residents of this area can attest to clay tiles' regular usage as a local roofing product.

Slate, concrete and clay roof installations typically require structural engineering modifications be made to homes. To avoid the costs associated with such modifications, homeowners can opt for alternative tiles.

More flexible than slate, concrete or clay, recycled rubber roofing tiles come in a variety of colors. One need only select a light toned color to aid a new roof's heat releasing capabilities. These alternative tiles' lighter weights make them easier to transport and install, which lowers costs. They also keep rubber out of landfills, which is very appealing to people in tune with green living.

People who are mindful of the environment can choose another green roofing material that helps cool homes in warm climates. While many materials release or reflect heat, solar roof shingles collect it to run a home's electric appliances. Using sunlight to power a home's cooling system is an ingenious way to combat a warm climate

As shown in this article, homeowners who choose the right roof options for this area's climate can expect lower indoor temperatures and cooling costs.

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