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Traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt, wood shingles and metal, are effective at keeping out water, but they're not as environmentally friendly as some of the recent roofing innovations. Dallas roofing professionals call out vegetated green roofs in particular as a viable alternative to more popular roofing methods. Green roofs grew out of old sod roofs, and modern technology has made them more effective than ever.

The largest disadvantage of a green roof is cost. A vegetated roof can cost up to six times as much as an asphalt shingle roof: about $8 per square foot compared to about $1.25 per square foot. However, they have distinct advantages over traditional roofing methods, and they can last up to twice as long as other roofs.

The insulation and waterproofing capabilities of vegetated roofs are comparable to those of the most popular residential roofing materials. Additionally, green roofs offer more substantial protection against UV rays and temperature-based expansion and contraction.

Environmentally, they help filter air and rainwater pollution. Green roofs can also significantly reduce cooling costs and storm-water runoff, and they reduce the heat-island effect. They also attract wildlife and offer a unique beautiful look by covering boring rooftops with grasses, wildflowers and herbs.

Green roofs are built up in layers.

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Root barriers, lightweight soil and plants combine with insulation, waterproofing and drainage systems to keep water and moisture out of the home. There are two kinds of vegetated roofs: intensive and extensive. Intensive green roofs are thicker. They're also heavier and require more maintenance, but they can support a much wider array of plant growth. On the other hand, extensive green roofs are shallow. Plant choices are severely limited, but they require minimal maintenance. They're also lighter than intensive roofs and can be supported by existing structures without the need for any additional interior supports.

Green roofs require careful installation and maintenance, especially in the early stages when plants are still growing. Building codes in different areas may require that green roofs be irrigated for fire prevention. Before considering whether to install a green, or vegetated, roof, check local building codes and consult an engineer. Some existing structures may not be able to bear the weight of a green roof, and green roofs can only be installed on flat roofing systems. As long as a homeowner can get around any structural, code and budget barriers, installing a green roof is a rewarding and environmentally friendly home improvement project.

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