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Homeowners throughout the country are counting their roofs to keep home interiors dry and safe. In the event of an emergency, it's important for them to know what to do to protect their family and their home. While most Dallas roofing companies are ready to handle the structural repairs, there are also steps that homeowners can take. Here are some tips that people can follow when the unexpected happens and they have a roofing emergency.

The first step is learning how to tell the difference between a roofing emergency and something that can wait for regular business hours. A few missing shingles are actually not a pressing matter because the tar paper underneath will provide some protection. While this can probably wait until the next business day, a hole in the roof or active water leak is a more pressing matter.

Roofing companies will not typically come out to the scene until the storm passes. They cannot safely climb onto the roof when there are high winds and driving rain, so it' s a safety matter. Homeowners are discouraged from climbing on roofs at any time because they may not have the special training or tools required to do so safely.

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Make the call to the roofing company right away, but be prepared to wait for someone to actually arrive on site.

If there is a hole in the roof, then evacuation may be required. If the damage is limited to one or two rooms, then remove valuables and people from those rooms before closing them off. If the main home is compromised, then arrangements should be made to stay with family or get a hotel. When the emergency involves a tree that is leaning against the home, the property should be evacuated in case the tree shifts and damages more of the structure.

If the leak is small, buckets are a great choice for preventing damage. If possible, move to the highest level of the home so that the buckets are closer to the source. This is also a great time to call the homeowner's insurance company and start the claims process. When the roofers do arrive, they may start the process by tarping off the open areas while repairs are completed.

When choosing the contractor to handle the repairs, look for local companies that are licensed, insured, and focused on customer satisfaction. Avoid storm chasers and out-of-state contractors that tend to show up in an area after a major storm. Storms can damage a home, but the good news is that reputable roofers know how to get the structure back in top condition.

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