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Gutters come in a variety of different materials, and all have advantages and disadvantages. They also come in different shapes. Homeowners should learn about different gutter systems and weigh their options. Dallas roofing professionals can install gutter systems on new roofing and replace gutters on old roofs.

Some homeowners prefer wood gutters due to their traditional charm, and they usually function effectively. They should, however, contain cedar wood because this is more durable in environmental elements. Other woods will weaken or decay with prolonged exposure to moisture.

Vinyl gutter systems, which usually contain polyvinyl chloride, attract homeowners due to their durability. They also resist dents and damage, but if they do suffer damage, replacing the damaged portion is usually pretty simple. Vinyl gutters also stand up to scratching and gouging. On the downside, vinyl gutters are more susceptible to cracks because of the thinner materials they contain. They're not biodegradable, and they may release harmful chemicals.

Metal gutters come in a diverse variety of metals. Common metals used in gutters are galvanized steel and aluminum. Homeowners who choose aluminum gutters should also paint these gutters. The paint acts as extra protection against prolonged exposure to the elements, and it protects against chemicals leaking into rainwater.

Galvanized steel gutters should also have a layer of paint on them to prevent zinc from getting into rainwater.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or emergency repairs.

Without paint, these gutters can rust after a long period of time. Galvanized steel gutters are generally stronger and more durable than aluminum gutters.

Other types of metal gutters are copper and zinc gutters. Copper gutters have a natural beauty to them, and they also won't rust. They develop a patina over time, making the need to paint them unnecessary. These gutters require professional installation as installation involves welding the seams and joints. They are pricey and are often used on high end residences.

Zinc gutters have the advantages of being durable and long lasting. They also don't require painting. Like copper gutters, they're expensive and found on high end residences. Professional installation is required due to the necessary welding involved.

The two main shapes for gutters are K style gutters and half round gutters. K style gutters are flat on the bottom and back sides. On the front side, they usually have a decorative curvy shape. They come in many different styles. Half round gutters have a rounded, half circle curve rather than sides. They're often seen on older, historic homes. K style gutters usually have more capacity than half round gutters, but they're also more expensive.

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