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Most homeowners know how important the gutter system is; however, maintaining the gutters can be time consuming and difficult. To reduce the amount of maintenance the gutters need, many homeowners wish to install gutter guards to reduce clogging. Because there are several types of gutter guards that range in cost and function, homeowners should discuss their options with a professional Dallas roofing contractor.

Mesh or micro mesh guards are some of the simplest solutions. The guard is made of a stainless steel screen that sits directly over the gutter. The holes in the screen allow water to enter the gutter system; most leaves and organic materials cannot enter. Even if there is some buildup of organic material on the mesh, water can still seep through the mesh. Light winds on sunny or cloudy days can efficiently blow away any material that is left, but regular gutter cleanings are still recommended. Metal gutter screens are similar to mesh although materials often get stuck as the holes are a bit larger.

Sponge or bristle brush guards are actually inserted into the gutter itself so that a small space is available under the guard. Sponge guards soak up the water and allow it to enter into the gutter. Bristle guards do not soak up water; the bristles catch any organic materials and prevent debris from getting stuck in the gutter or downspout.

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Some cleaning will be needed, but the guard just simply needs to be lifted out of the gutter. This allows the guard to be cleaned and the gutters to be blasted with a hose to remove dirt.

Reverse curve systems consist of a sheet of metal or plastic that has been rounded off. This piece is then placed over the gutter. A small space in between the guard and the gutter allows water to get in while leaves and twigs are simply washed off the roof. Metal brackets are usually screwed into the roof, holding the system in place. While these are the most popular types of gutter guards, they do require some cleaning to keep them free of clogs.

Although all gutter guards, regardless of the type, need some maintenance, gutter guards can be a great investment, especially for those who have difficulty maintaining their gutter systems. However, because gutter guards do need some maintenance, homeowners should be aware that a professional roofer will still need to be called to ensure that the gutters and the gutter guards are working properly.

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