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When thinking about greenhouse effects, most people do not stop to consider that some of these effects happen directly above their heads. The roof reflects the UV rays back into the atmosphere, and depending on the intensity of the light being reflected, a heat island effect is created, which in turn erodes the atmosphere. Additionally, if one chooses a roofing material that lacks insulating properties, it results in a secondary environmental problem. Green roofing is ideally about finding a cool roof. For those who want to install green roofs, Dallas roofing professionals are always ready to deliver their exceptional services to clients.

Tile is one of the green roofing options, and the good thing about this material is that it can last between 70 and 100 years in areas that are not very prone to harsh weather. It's also ideal for warm climates due to its cooling properties. Tile qualifies as a green material due to its shape, composition and the fact that it can be recycled. Roofing tiles mainly come in curved shapes and thus aid with ventilation. Tiles are also widely available in many colors. For greener roofing, one can go for the lighter colors that will reflect less heat. An added bonus with tiles is that they are heavy, and their mass goes a long way towards keeping the interior temperatures cool on a hot day.

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Single-ply roofing is another roofing option that is increasingly gaining popularity. For green roofing, single-ply thermoset is used. This is basically a roof comprised of a membrane that is derived from natural gas and oil. These two components are bonded onto the roofing materials and cured. Single-ply thermoset roofs are well insulated to provide a quality roof cooling. These roofs are constructed on-site, which means their quality is more consistent. Thermoset membranes are normally black in color, but they can be made in white for roof cooling effects upon request.

Roof pavers, like roof tiles, are usually thick, measuring about 2 inches in thickness. The eco-friendly, cool varieties can reflect over 70 percent of UV light, and they have excellent insulation benefits. They are also available in a wide range of colors and designs to suit various personal tastes. A roof made from roof pavers is heavy and can weigh about 23 pounds per every square foot. They should only be installed in buildings that have the structural capacity to carry such heavy weight. If a home is not able to withstand the weight, one can have them installed in areas such as the balcony.

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