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Great landscaping can be a huge asset to the appearance of any home. However, homeowners should be aware of the dangers of having trees that overhang the roof. Any Dallas roofing professional probably has experience dealing with damage caused by trees, as well as difficulty performing repairs on roofs where tree limbs are blocking access. Here are a few reasons to keep trees properly trimmed and away from the roof.

First, tree limbs that overhang a roof present an obvious risk where there is high wind or heavy snow. Branches that break off and fall onto the roof can cause puncture wounds all the way through to the decking and destroy the roof's waterproof qualities in an instant. Even if branches don't puncture through, they can still crack the supporting structures of the roof and cause it to sag over time.

Secondly, branches that come into contact with the roof on a regular basis will be brushing against the granule surface every time the wind blows. This erodes the granules and exposes the base mat of the shingles, or can cause shingles to break off.

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The longer this goes on, the more likely a leak will appear, and as the branches grow, they will brush in a wider area.

Another common problem is that during the fall, overhanging branches will drop leaves and twigs onto the roof surface. This buildup of debris on the roof and in the gutters can cause a number of issues, including increasing the chances of mold and ice dams. Since the debris traps water against the surface of the roof, mold is more likely to begin growing and can cause significant damage. Ice dams in the winter will pull the layers of the roof apart and will, eventually, create leaks inside the house.

Unfortunately, once a tree has caused damage to the house, a roofer may not be able to get to the affected area until after the tree is trimmed. Branches that block access to the roof will only make the repair more difficult. Homeowners can proactively protect their roofs by keeping tree branches trimmed up and away, and clearing leaves and other debris before it accumulates too much.

If damage has occurred, homeowners should contact a tree trimming service first to make sure that the problem will be out of the way for the roof repair, and to ensure that the same damage will not be repeated.

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