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A flat rooftop can be one of the most modern and attractive roofing systems for homeowners to invest in. It is naturally advantageous because it can resist all types of weather effects while providing the home with a unique appearance that is not commonly seen in residential locations. Homeowners may choose to work with Dallas roofing experts in the future if they want to install such a system, but it is vital to select the right accompanying material to make the most of the installation. One of the most effective primary systems that homeowners can invest in is known as TPO.

TPO is usually formed in sheets that are made up of popropylene and ethylene propylene. These polymers are then reinforced with polyester to give them additional strength and durability. This is an advantageous initial system to purchase because the manufacturing process for TPO requires no additional plasticizers or chlorine compounds to be added to the system itself.

The way that the system is installed is also one of its natural advantages. TPO can be efficiently applied in long and large rolls that can vary in size and thickness. This allows homeowners to enjoy customization options with their system. TPO can be entirely adhered, mechanically fastened or even ballasted to the roof deck, depending on what homeowners are looking for.

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This is one of the most environmentally friendly single-ply systems available, so if homeowners are interested in reducing their carbon footprint, this is the system to invest in. Many of the materials are recycled and the surface itself is capable of lasting a long time. TPO's longevity means that homeowners will not have to replace their roof as often and send roofing waste to the landfill.

Homeowners will be able to enjoy a very durable and resistant roofing system when they invest in TPO. The seams of this membrane are always hot air welded together in order to provide the roof with a very durable and long-lasting bond. When installed correctly, it is not uncommon for homeowners to enjoy seams that are even stronger than the primary surface material.

Finally, these systems are highly resistant to thermal shock and the negative effects of temperature changes. They are very flexible, which allows them to expand and contract with the changing seasons without suffering in the long term. The durability of the seams guarantees that the connections of each roll can also keep up with the effects of temperature changes as necessary over the life of the system.

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