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Selecting a color for their roof is one decision homeowners will need to make when getting their roof replaced. It is probably a more serious decision than most homeowners stop to think about. The right color for a roof will increase the curb appeal, and therefore, the value of the home. The wrong color can be a turn-off to some potential homebuyers and can be an expensive mistake to fix. This makes choosing the right color from the start a very important decision.

For homeowners who really have a preference as to the final color of their new roof, they should discuss roofing materials and what colors they come in with their Dallas roofing professional. While each roofing material has a selection in colors, some have more than others and some appear more natural than others. If color is an important factor for a homeowner, they will want to let this be a guideline in choosing their roofing material.

A homeowner should always check with their neighborhood or homeowners association prior to selecting a roofing material and color. Depending on the association, a homeowner may be limited in either decision, based on the rules and covenants in place.

The roofing companies experts at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or emergency repairs.

Some associations may require that only certain roofing materials be used or that only certain colors be used. Others may have a list of forbidden roofing colors or materials. It is best to check on this before moving forward with any decisions that involve the roofing color. Not doing so can be a costly mistake.

Roofing professionals can be an excellent resource when it comes to choosing an appropriate roofing color. They have seen hundreds, if not thousands of roofing color combinations. Most of the time, they are more than happy to make some suggestions or tell a homeowner if their selection may work or not. Homeowners can also seek the advice of a professional designer, or even a realtor.

Homeowners can get some excellent ideas for roof color simply by driving around their neighborhood or town. They can take pictures of what they like and show it to their roofing contractor, who can match it. This step can also help homeowners see what color combinations they do not like.

Shingle samples can also be requested from the roofing contractor. They should be placed up against various current colors of the home, such as the doors, brick, downspouts, stucco and the garage, at various times of the day. This can help a homeowner visualize how different colors will look in different lights on the roof.

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