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There are diverse types of shingles offered today, making it challenging to know the best kind to select. Before making a choice on the kind of roofing materials to install, it is advisable to consult a Dallas roofing professional. The list below gives an overview of the top three materials that are commonly used in roofing.

Asphalt shingles are among the top roof covers that are widely used. This is primarily because of their inexpensive nature in general, along with their ease of installation. They are renowned for lasting longer in cooler climates than in warmer ones. However, thermal shock is among the things that can damage this kind of roof with ease, as it performs its protective functions through its long chain of hydrocarbons that impregnate the paper. The materials used for the roof become soft when exposed to hot and sunny conditions, making it liable to be washed away when it rains. This eventually drains off all the oil, making the nail head visible above the shingle. The water running down the roof seeps into the building just around the nail head. This causes the roof to begin rotting, and the moisture will damage the ceiling inside.

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Metal roofs are often termed tin roofs. In general, they are affordable and can last for quite a long time. Normally, metal roofs range between low-end materials and galvanized steel, and are used for covering large buildings owing to their superior ratio of strength to weight. There are several advantages to using metal roofs for any business or home. They are portable, durable and resistant to sparks, hail and wind, as well as snow shedding. However, the disadvantage of using metal roofing is that they are fairly costly in nature, make strange sounds at certain temperatures and are not always available locally. It is imperative to engage a professional when installing metal roofs to prevent possible problems from developing in the future.

Wooden shingles are beautiful to look at even after weathering, when they develop an appealing gray-silver color. Light in weight, wooden shingles are made by using simple materials. They are usually long lasting as well, and if installed properly, can last for up to 30 years. The basic disadvantages of installing wooden shingles is that they have a high cost of installation and taxing maintenance requirements, such as removal of mildew followed by oil reapplication. It is of importance to engage a knowledgeable firm when installing this type of roofing.

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