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Most homeowners don't give their roofs a second thought, but this can prove to be a serious problem. The fact is that roofs need to be inspected regularly, and maintenance may be required to address problems, prevent leaks and prolong the life of the roof. Homeowners can turn to Dallas roofing professionals for help with most maintenance issues, cleaning and ongoing repairs to keep roofing weathertight and ready for almost any kind of storm.

Gutters have to be cleaned regularly, and this is the perfect time to take a closer look at the shingles. Homeowners should take time to survey the roof, see if there are missing shingles, and take note of any damaged flashing. In most cases, homeowners will not have to set a foot on the roof in order to check these areas.

It's advisable to take a closer look once every couple of years. Caulking does wear down over time, and this can lead to water leaks. Caulking is found at connections to chimneys, headwalls, vents and other protrusions. It should be intact and slightly flexible. If it's brittle, cracked or missing in sections, then it must be cleaned out and replaced. While some homeowners choose to do this on their own, it's wise to trust the job to a professional for safety and effectiveness.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or roof maintenance.

Homeowners should also keep an eye out for the presence of algae throughout the year. Algae is basically harmless to a roof, but it is an eyesore. Additionally, it can make it harder to spot problems with caulk and other areas as it spreads. Moss is a serious problem because it can slip under the shingles and cause them to lift. Roofing professionals can clear away these substances to protect the roof and keep it looking great. Homeowners can also use zinc or lead control strips to keep the algae away in the future.

Flashing can crack with time, and it should be replaced immediately if this happens. This material is used in valleys, at headwalls and along other connections. The mortar around bricks should also be checked and repaired if it shows signs of degrading.

Homeowners should take the time to inspect the roof after any major storm. It's far easier to replace a few missing shingles than it is to have the entire structure re roofed. A professional roofing team knows how to find and address the most common problems so that major problems can be avoided later.

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