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When choosing a new roof for their home, many people factor in the cost of the materials and installation as well as the anticipated lifespan of the roof, its energy efficiency, and even how it will look on their home. There is no one roofing solution that meets the needs of all homeowners; however, metal roofs are quickly gaining popularity all across the country.

Many Dallas roofing contractors offer services for metal roofs. Whether the homeowner wants a metal standing seam roof installed or they prefer the look of metal shingles, there are numerous options available. The metal panels of a standing seam roof offer a very unique look that is sleek and stylish. These panels are adhered directly to the roof deck and can offer exceptional wind resistance as well as protection from rain and hail.

Metal shingles are available in numerous colors, designs, and even a selection of different profiles. While they offer excellent durability, they also offer a wonderful array of design options. Many homeowners choose metal shingles that look like other roofing materials.

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Metal shingles can look just like a high-end, slate roof, or the homeowner can choose shingles that look like concrete shingles, wood shakes, or a number of other roofing systems. This large variety of design options ensures homeowners will be able to find metal shingles that will add to the look of their home while still fitting in well with the overall look of the neighborhood.

Many people like metal roofs because they are naturally resistant to fire; in fact, they are typically rated Class A for fire resistance. This makes them a safe option for roofing a residential property. Of course, metal roofs are also resistant to extremes in weather and can offer superb protection against water penetration. Unlike some roofing materials, metal is impervious to water; however, it is important to ensure that the metal shingles or panels are installed properly. A metal roof should always be installed and serviced by an experienced roofing contractor.

Another important benefit of choosing a metal roof is that it can be extremely energy efficient. Most homeowners appreciate an energy efficient roof, and metal panels and shingles provide an excellent way to keep heat out in the summer. The metal reflects heat and reduces high air conditioning bills. In the winter, a metal roof can help prevent heat transfer through the roof. When homeowners aren't losing heat through their roof, they're able to enjoy lower heating bills.

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