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People who haven't needed to replace a roof in the last 20 years may be surprised to learn that ice guards are now required in many areas. This rubber coating is used to protect homes from ice dams. It's a simple concept used by all types of Dallas roofing companies. It may be tempting to skip the ice guard to keep the cost of a new roof down, but this very basic addition is extremely cost effective and works to protect the home throughout the life of the roof.

Even homes in moderate climates are at risk for ice dams and the resulting water damage. Ice can form anytime the average temperature is below freezing. Even if a region doesn't see regular snowfall in any meaningful amounts, homes can still be at risk for the freezing and thawing cycles that lead to ice dams.

The ice guard sits between the roof sheathing and the shingles. It adheres to the plywood base to form a waterproof, reliable seal. While water and ice may get below the shingles, it won't penetrate this rubber membrane. Instead, it will harmlessly drain off the roof and to the gutters.

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It has a self sealing property that allows it to work effectively around headwalls and other protrusions.

Ice guards are only installed on the lower sections of roofing where the eaves and exterior walls are. These spaces are the most likely areas for ice dams to form, so homeowners can expect to see several rows of this covering along the lower edges of the roofing. It will also be used along valleys where the water is more likely to slip below shingles and migrate into the structure.

Ice guards are now a part of building codes in many areas throughout the nation, and some insurance companies require it, as well. In fact, some insurance companies will deny claims on interior damage if a recent roof replacement did not include the leak barrier. While the use of a barrier will increase the roofing cost slightly, it's worth it for the additional peace of mind.

Ice guards provide homeowners with peace of mind. The extra little layer of protection can make the difference between serous structural damage and a home that's completely dry. When it's time to have a roof replaced, be sure to consider the benefits of ice guards, and look for a company that can add this important feature to a homeowner's new roof.

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