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Moisture is the number one cause of roof damage and can potentially lead to mold, rot or ice dams. Usually these problems arise when an attic or roof is poorly constructed. This type of damage can increase the chances that a home will need roof repair or a total roof replacement. Homeowners can help reduce this risk by learning the ins and outs of proper roof ventilation. Learn more about the common causes of roof damage and prevent any from occurring by contacting a Dallas Roofing professional.

The purpose of ventilation is to avoid any type of moisture buildup that may cause serious problems in the future. When hot air meets cold air it creates condensation, which can cause serious damage to the interior of the home. This type of damage can be easily spotted by observing the condition of the home's ceiling. If there are any water stains or dark, cracked areas of the ceiling, this could mean that there is moisture buildup somewhere on the roof or in the attic. Also, if shingles are buckled or appear damaged, this could be a result of moisture buildup caused by poor ventilation.

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A vented roof is an important component to extending the life of a home. In colder climates, ventilation maintains a cooler roof temperature to prevent ice dams and condensation from forming. In warmer climates, proper ventilation can reduce humidity and monthly cooling bills. The ventilation system will release solar heat out of the attic, keeping the temperature of the home consistent and preventing any humidity damage. This prevents the home's cooling systems from having to work as hard to keep the indoor temperature regulated.

The key to keeping a roof properly ventilated is to ensure the roof and attic are completely sealed from the lower living spaces. The most common mistake homeowners make is creating leaky holes by improperly installing lights or duct systems in the ceiling. These holes create airflow, which can let moisture in that leads to exterior and interior damage around the home.

Homeowners often use their attics for living space or extra storage. If this is the case, it is best to ventilate the roof deck. This is usually more difficult than ventilating an attic space because it is located directly below the sheathing. This type of project should be saved for the professionals. Ultimately, a well ventilated and properly constructed roof will save homeowners money and unnecessary stress.

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