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Dallas Roofing: Article About The Advantages Of Proper Attic Ventilation

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According to the National Roofing Contractors' Association, NRCA, a properly insulated and ventilated attic is crucial to a home's roofing system. Knowledgeable Dallas roofing contractors can assist homeowners in assessing the condition of their attic and making adjustments to their attic's ventilation.

With proper ventilation, an attic's interior temperature is significantly reduced during the summer months. This can have a noticeable, positive impact on energy use. A cooler attic also means that the roof's shingles are not being heated from both sides, and cooler attics have been shown to increase the usable life of a shingle roof.

During the winter, heat lost from the home's interior can become trapped in the attic. This is the root cause of ice dams, which form as the heated roof deck causes rooftop snow to melt and then refreeze when it is exposed to the unheated overhang. Ice dams can tear shingles away from the roof's lower edge, causing leaks. In addition to adequate insulation, a properly vented attic can prevent this costly winter roof repair.

In humid climates, proper attic ventilation helps to prevent moisture associated roofing problems. The growth of mold and mildew is retarded with proper ventilation. The destruction of the home's structure that results when trapped moisture condenses on the attic's interior surfaces and causes the materials to decay is also alleviated when the attic has the right amount of air flowing through it.

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The NRCA suggests that one square foot of passive ventilation be installed for every 150 square feet of ceiling surface area, although other building codes may call for more or less ventilation. They further suggest that the ventilation be balanced between soffit and ridge vents, making intake and exhaust roughly equal. Roofs with slopes greater than 8:12 may need more ventilation than traditionally sloped roofs. When retrofitting an existing attic, forced ventilation such as solar powered vent fans can be used to achieve the equivalent 1:150 airflow ratio as long as they move at least one cubic foot of air per minute.

Airflow is only half of the solution. Good insulation is also important for preventing problems in the home's attic. The NRCA suggests that a vapor barrier be installed beneath the home's attic insulation in areas where winter temperatures fall below freezing. A radiant heat barrier can be placed on the attic side of the roof deck to further reduce the heat transfer that causes ice dams to form.

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