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Gutters serve an important role in protecting a home from rain. By collecting and transporting water away from the structure, they keep the foundation safe and will minimize the risk of water leaks. They may require some regular repairs and maintenance over the years, but most people can expect their gutters to last as long as the home. Here are a few warning signs that people can keep an eye out for, as well as some tips on keeping the gutters in top condition and ready for almost any storm. Dallas roofing companies can help homeowners with repairs or gutter replacements.

How often the gutters must be cleaned depends in large part on the local environment. A heavily wooded lot will naturally result in more leaves and twigs on the roof, so the gutters might need cleaning every few months. On the other hand, keeping the trees a little further from the home results in fewer leaves and branches in the gutters. In this case, homeowners may only need to clean the gutters once a year.

Gutter guards are hailed for taking the drudgery out of maintaining gutters.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or roof maintenance.

By blocking leaves and other debris, they keep the gutters clean and the water flowing smoothly. However, it's important to choose the right type. Screens don't block out the oak tree fuzz, and they can become clogged in certain conditions. A solid hood with a rounded lip will cost a little more, but it's more effective at preventing clogs and other problems.

In general, gutters don't require a great deal of maintenance. Galvanized steel may start to rust. In this case, homeowners can either treat the rust and paint the gutters or have them replaced.

Whether gutters are made of aluminum or steel, sagging is a problem. The gutter should sit level from front to back with a slope running from one side to the other. If the front of the gutter is starting to hang down, then the hangar is pulling out of the fascia and repairs should be made immediately. Water coming down between the gutter and the fascia indicates that the system is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

Some homeowners choose to replace gutters as a matter of aesthetics. A dented or stained gutter is an eyesore that will drag down the home value, but people can correct the problem by having the aging gutters replaced with an attractive and functional new fixture.

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