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When severe weather moves through the area, Dallas roofing can take a beating. Shingles may be blown off, flashing can pop up and tree limbs can even leave holes in the roof deck. There are steps that homeowners can do to keep their property safe in a storm.

Laminated shingles are an appropriate choice for areas that see high winds. Due to the increased weight and smooth application methods, these shingles are rated for up to 100 miles per hour winds. When properly installed, the nails will be hidden under upper courses of shingles, so there's minimal concern about leaking or rust stains. Aging roofs are more prone to damage, so homeowners should be proactive about replacing a roof before it fails completely.

People who are worried about hurricanes should take a closer look at metal roofs. They're considered to be the most durable against high winds, fire, freezing and thawing patterns and even hurricanes. They have excellent warranties of 40 years or more, and they're available in a range of colors and styles. They do carry a higher initial price, but they're considered more cost effective because of the improved durability.

Homeowners should take the time to inspect the roof regularly. One storm can cause minor damage to a roof, and the next storm will expand the damage and increase the risk of a water leak.

The roofing companies experts at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or gutters.

Regular inspections allow people to catch the problem early so that repairs can be made and the roof will be completely watertight for the next storm.

Nearby trees can also be hazardous to the home. Large branches that are blown off and land on a home can go through a roof and lead to expensive repairs. Landscapers can inspect trees for dying branches and safely remove them before a storm comes through. Taking this simple and affordable step will help protect the roof, walls, and other areas of a home.

In areas that are prone to hurricanes, other items should also be secured to prevent them from being torn away in a storm. This include satellite dishes and air conditioning units. If a storm is predicted, homeowners should get all loose items out of the yard so that they won't be blown up onto the roof and cause damage.

Protecting the roof requires paying attention to this important fixture and taking a few precautions around the yard. It's more affordable to invest in regular maintenance than it is to deal with costly repairs. Additionally, replacing a roof in a timely manner will help avoid water leaks and damage.

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