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Severe storms with high wind, falling trees and hail can tear a roof to pieces. Storms can cause difficulty for the average homeowner in many ways and one of the trouble spots is the roof. Different types of storms will cause different types of roof damage, and not one is a pleasant scenario. High winds, hail, falling trees, flying debris, or even lightning strikes paint a grim picture of destruction.

If you suspect your roof has been damaged by severe weather contact a Dallas roofing company for a professional assessment and estimation of cost for repair. Delay in repairs can lead to further deterioration due to damaged roof materials allowing moisture to seep inside the house. Storm damage is usually covered by most homeowner's insurance. Your roofing professional in Dallas can help provide the necessary information needed to file a claim.

Falling trees or big tree limbs crashing down are the most dramatic ways a storm can damage the roof of a house. A big tree located close to an averaged sized house can completely smash in the roof.

Hail will pound a roof with a vengeance, causing pit like holes in asphalt shingles and dents in metal roofs and gutters. Hailstones come in all sizes, some as big as baseballs.

Hail damaged asphalt shingles are bruised looking in appearance and the structure of the material is crushed and falling apart. In some cases, the sand like granules covering the shingles will be worn away, leaving the asphalt bare and shiny looking.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or residential roofing.

The roof felt may also be exposed.

Wooden shingles respond differently to hail damage. Instead of breaking apart, wooden shingles will split or crack, with small pieces breaking off. Some will shatter under the impact, and some shingles will merely appear dented.

High winds can weaken a roof over time and also cause significant damage during a storm. Given enough time, the sheer force of high winds will literally peel a roof covering away. Strong winds can rip off any type of mechanical equipment, such as a satellite dish. Winds can also pummel a roof unmercifully with projectiles.

The edge of the roof is usually the most vulnerable spot and where the most damage occurs. Any crooked or misaligned shingle will be worked loose and snatched away by the wind, leaving the roofing felt or membrane exposed. Homeowners should watch carefully for any damage to the roof's edge after severe storms and call a roofing professional in Dallas at the first sign of damage. Taking care of storm damage in a timely manner will prevent further more costly repairs in the future.

Also, homeowners in Dallas should be aware that storm damage could cause the roof structure to be unsafe. Call a roofing professional immediately will alert the homeowner to any existing dangers.

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