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Solar panel roofs are becoming more popular as an environmentally friendly and cost-saving roofing option. Dallas roofing professionals point out the benefits of choosing a solar panel roof over more traditional materials like asphalt or wood shingles.

The most obvious advantage is a reduction in energy costs. In addition to providing energy to power a home, the excess energy that solar panels produce can flow back into the power grid, further reducing power bills. Whether this happens depends on the home's usual power consumption and the relative size and number of solar panels.

Additionally, solar panels cause none of the emissions that are associated with electricity and gas, which reduces a home's negative impact on the environment. Many states and the federal government offer tax credits for people who install solar panel roofing in light of these environmental benefits. These tax credits can total up to 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar roof, which significantly reduces the out-of-pocket expense associated with switching roofing material. In addition to tax credits, reduced energy costs can lead to long-term savings, even when considering the initial costs of installing solar roofing.

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Solar panel roofs require less maintenance than more traditional roofs, but the maintenance they do require is different. Panels will need to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, which requires the attention of an expert. Additionally, their effectiveness depends on sun exposure. Trees and branches that shade the panels have to be trimmed regularly to make sure the panels receive sufficient exposure.

One of the top concerns about solar panel roofs is that they won't receive enough sunlight to power the home. Most systems are designed in a way that allows the home to receive electricity from the power grid when enough sunlight isn't available. At night and on cloudy days, these systems revert to more traditional power sources.

Solar roofing can be installed over any kind of roof. Installation costs differ, and they tend to be more expensive for tile, shake shingle and steep roofs because of the time and additional equipment required. Solar panels can't replace a new roof, but there are photovoltaic shingles available on the market that can be used during roof replacement or construction.

Solar roofs provide many cost and environmental benefits. There are a variety of systems available that can fit almost any building and roof type, and a roofing professional can provide additional information on solar panels and roofing.

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