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Slate roof systems are composed of stone chunks quarried at a limited number of locations in North America. The harvested stones are struck along naturally formed geological patterns that produce relatively smooth and flat sheets. The resulting tiles are stacked into watertight formations and fastened to wooden roof decking with either nails or hooks. Many homeowners are pleased with their slate roofs thanks to their aesthetic appeal, exceptional longevity and durability. Quality installation and upkeep at the hands of a Dallas roofing expert may help to ensure a homeowner's satisfaction with a new roof of this type.

Slate quarries produce stones with diverse visual characteristics that are specific to each point of origin. Colors include purple, green, red and black, and textures range from smooth to coarse. Different types of slate lose color to different extents and can either fade drastically or very slightly over time. These variances are distinct from the stone's durability, allowing a homeowner to buy a resilient roof with a look that fits his or her personal preference.

Most slate roofs are built with a standard pattern using rectangular tiles that each cover around 3 inches of headlap over two lower tiles.

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Tiles of different lengths and widths are used sometimes to create custom looks. For instance, a slate roof in a staggered butt pattern can use varying lengths, widths, colors and depths for a randomized look that remains structurally sound; furthermore, the slate edges on these roofs are occasionally cut into various shapes. Some roofers may use layering techniques to create unique textural styles on slate roofs as well.

Slate's impressive lifespan is a top selling point for the material. Roofs made of lower grades of slate can keep their integrity for 80 to 100 years while higher quality slate may stay in shape for 150 years or longer. The tiles can repeatedly outlast metal flashings and other components of the roofing system. While repairs for other roof types can require costly mass replacements, damaged slate tiles may often be fixed or replaced individually, allowing for a potentially major reduction in maintenance costs. Slate is also waterproof, fireproof and highly resistant to electricity.

For those who want a natural look for their roofing systems are comfortable with a material that could be relatively expensive and is heavier than most others, slate may be ideal. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of the installer's workmanship plays a crucial role in deciding whether a slate roof meets its potential.

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