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The reasons in favor of routine roof inspections are many. Experienced participants in the Dallas roofing industry regularly see a variety of roof damage types, and they know the main causes.

Water persistently troubles roof systems. It exploits the smallest weaknesses in a roofing system. Experts' eyes can find the points where water might gain access to a home's interior through a roof.

Clumps of leaves or other debris from trees provide water an opportunity to pool atop a roof. Pooled water slowly damages the composition of many roofing materials. Roof inspections by a professional can lead to finding and clearing causes of pooled water, and it offers the chance to find spots where previously pooled water has damaged a roof.

Strong thunderstorms bring rain and wind. The wind assists the rain at getting under roofs. Wind can remove shingles. Missing shingles may lead to leaks. It can take trained eyes to spot the absence of a single shingle on a Dallas roof.

Severe thunderstorms carry the forces of strong storms, and hail can be a part of this. Local roofers often find themselves repairing roofs due to damage from hailstones.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or roof maintenance.

While average hailstones may bounce off a roof, larger ones can make dents and holes that might only be spotted by an expert.

Winter storms add sleet and snow into the mix. As ice or snow melts and refreezes near a roof's edges, ice dams can cause rooftop imperfections. Untrained eyes can miss the signs of ice dams when they sometimes visit upon Dallas roofs.

After any harsh weather event, wise local homeowners schedule roof inspections. It is the best way to catch a small flaw before it becomes a big problem.

The sun plays a role in possible roof damage. Its rays persistently cause roofing materials to deteriorate. Shingled roofs can show significant signs of sun damage after about 15 years. Experts can check for brittle shingles and tiles.

Birds can also harm a roof. Nests sometimes dam water, droppings erode some roofing materials and woodpeckers can peck holes into roofs exposing it to rain. Squirrels may seek entry to homes to search for food and shelter. They diligently eat at flaws in flashing and leave holes where the elements can enter a home.

The only way to detect every type of damage common to roofs in Dallas is to schedule inspection by a professional roofer at least once per year. This simple, regular act can prevent costly roof repairs.

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