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Dallas Roofing: Article About Rooftop Collapse Warning Signs

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There are many dangers that homeowners need to be aware of when they keep up with their rooftop inspections. While moisture damage is one of the most pressing rooftop concerns, it is vital for individuals to watch out for obvious signs of damage underneath their roof that could lead to a potential collapse. Dallas roofing professionals can help their customers by providing them with inspections and general repairs, but it will be up to the homeowners to spot the warning signs. By keeping an eye out for some of the following signs of damage, homeowners will be able to save their rooftops from long term structural issues.

One of the first signs of obvious damage that homeowners should watch out for is cracking underneath their rafters, purlins or ceilings. New cracks or growing ones can indicate that there is too much pressure being put on the roofing system. When this weight and pressure bears down on the roof's supports for too long, the roof may experience a collapse.

Another warning sign is a sagging ceiling.

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This type of problem can occur either directly underneath the roof in the attic, or simply along the home's ceiling, if there is no attic, such as in the case of a flat roofing system. A sagging ceiling is usually a very dangerous indicator of damage, as it implies that the collapse is particularly imminent.

While a roof leak may indicate that there is a problem with the system in general, it may sometimes be a sign of obvious structural damage along the roof. Roof leaks that increase in frequency or severity almost always imply that there is a structural issue that needs to be addressed. Homeowners are encouraged to inspect their attics regularly in order to avoid such issues.

Sometimes there may be ambient signs of damage in the form of noise coming from the roof or attic. An occasional creaking or popping sound every now and then is usually no cause for alarm. However, if homeowners notice that cracking and creaking sounds occur on a daily basis, they may need to call the professionals to have the roof inspected.

Finally, homeowners should be sure to pay attention to their utilities. Sometimes a bent utility pipe may indicate that the home's natural alignment is being shifted out of place. One of the most common causes for this issue is damage to the rooftop, and it can result in utilities not functioning correctly or at all.

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