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When a business owner decides to have an old roof replaced, one of his/her first questions when choosing a new one should be about the warranty. After all, replacing a roof is an expensive process. That roof should live up to expectations in terms of durability and lifespan. One way to see that happen is through hiring qualified professionals well versed in Dallas roofing to install a roof that includes an excellent warranty.

Warranties for roofing systems or materials originate with their manufacturer. Most often, these warranties are good for 20 to 50 years; however, they typically offer protection only against defective materials, which are seldom the cause of roof failure or other issues. This is especially true for the better manufacturers whose materials undergo rigorous testing and quality control.

Shingle warranties are a common sub type of manufacturer's warranty. As the name suggests, it provides protection against defective shingles. Typically, shingles with manufacturing defects are easy to spot although owners are encouraged to have their roof inspected by professional if they believe they have issues of this kind. This confirmation can make it simpler to have the shingles replaced.

Another type of warranty comes from roofing professionals themselves. These warranties are often more useful than those that come from the manufacturer. This is because manufacturing warranties cover only the materials used, not the installation and labor.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or gutters.

Many roofing issues can be attributed to issues associated with installing the roof although this is typically seen only in instances where roofs without appropriate training and experience are used.

Using a roofer who has been certified by the producer of the materials used in the job can provide additional options that cover both materials and installation. Many manufacturers provide rigorous and ongoing training for roofers who want to become certified in their materials. The training is often every year or every two years and lasts three days on average. Certification is earned in the roofing trade through hard work, education, and hands on training.

A small number of manufacturers offer warranties that cover both manufacturing defects and contractor workmanship. Partnership of this kind provides home or business owners with superior warranties that will provide them with protection in case of roof failure, regardless of where the defect arose: materials or installation. This is a more substantial piece of mind than they could get from only materials or only installation being covered by warranty.

When planning to replace a roof or have one installed as part of new construction, owners should always find the most comprehensive warranty possible. They should also make sure they understand what's covered and by whom.

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