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If a homeowner is considering a roof replacement or repair, they will have an easier time talking with a Dallas roofing company about their project if they understand the basic parts that make up a roof. When a homeowner understands terms such as sheathing, flashing or drainage and how those words relate to a roof, it allows a homeowner to effectively communicate with a roofing professional. In addition, if a homeowner is speaking with a professional roofing company about structural features on a roof, communication will be more clear if they understand terms such as ridge, valley, eaves and fascia.

Sheathing refers to the boards that are used to cover the rafters on a home. This is the first layer of a roof and is also referred to as decking. Felt is a material that sits on top of sheathing. Also known as underlayment, it acts as a backup barrier that fights against penetrating winds or moisture. The top layer of a roof is made up of outer roofing material. When sections of outer roofing material are joined, flashing is used to connect them and provide a structure to help funnel water.

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Made of metal or plastic, flashing is also used around structures such as chimneys, skylights or dormer windows.

The structural features of a roof are also referred to in specific terminology. A ridge is the angle at the top of a roof. On a sloped roof, it is where the two sides meet. A valley is the angle that is created when two separate downward sloping sections of a roof meet together. This area can be very tricky to cover with shingles. It is very important that it is done correctly so that water does not pool. Eaves are another structural feature that refer to the bottom edges of a roof. These hang over the walls on the exterior sides of a home. Near the bottom edges are boards known as fascia. These boards cover exposed rafters and serve as a place to hang gutters as well as protect exterior walls from outside elements.

When a professional roofing worker repairs or replaces shingles on a roof, certain terminology is used to refer to methods that are used. When shingles are secured together, it is known as a bond. There are different types of bonds that include staggered, broken and cross. Nesting is a term used when a roofer is reroofing. It involves taking new shingles and layering them over old shingles in a certain type of pattern.

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