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Most homes have multiple exhaust vents so that fumes, heat, and humidity from plumbing, appliances, and the furnace can be vented to the outdoors. During the construction of a house, hiding all of these pipes can be tricky, and finding places for them to exit the structure can be even trickier. Some older homes have improperly located vents that empty out into the attic or along the home's eaves near the individual or continuous soffit vent. This creates performance problems and melting issues whenever any snow or ice falls. Experienced Dallas roofing experts can check the attic for improperly located vents and make repairs to protect the roofing system from further damage.

Exhaust fans from a heat-generating appliance like the clothes dryer or a humidity-dispensing unit like the bathroom fan can cause considerable problems if they let their air and moisture out into the attic. The excess heat and humidity can cause issues as it interacts with the roof's sheathing. The warm, humid air may cause the wood decking to warp, weaken, and rot. Insulation can also become wet and lose some of its R value. Mold and mildew may also thrive in such an environment.

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As the warmth passes through the damaged insulation, it reaches the roof's shingles and warms them up as well. Shingles that are exposed to heat from their underside may lose their bond with the roofing felt and sheathing, causing them to curl or buckle. The nails holding down the shingles may pop up and out of place, resulting in fastener failure. Too many popped up nails could allow a whole section of shingles to be blown off when the wind gusts.

Heat coming up through the attic can also cause exposed shingles to experience excess wear and tear. The shingles right above an exhaust outlet may lose their granules more rapidly. The bare spots allow moisture to intrude, which could cause the roof to leak. Excess heat may also cause the shingles to bubble and lift up, giving water a place to flow through during the next rainstorm.

If roofers discover that any exhaust fans are emptying their air into the attic or along the soffit vents, they can remedy the situation. The best solution is to extend the vent with the proper length of sheet metal and create an opening through the roof for the warm and humid air to be dissipated into the environment. The vent's outlet should be several inches above the roof's surface in accordance with local building regulations.

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