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Sudden roof damage can occur at any time of year. A roof can catch fire or have holes chewed or poked through it by animals looking for food and shelter. During seasons of inclement weather, roofs are especially vulnerable to sudden or severe damage from lightning, falling tree limbs and high winds.

No matter what the cause, roofing emergencies can be very distressing for homeowners who may not know what to do. It is imperative for the homeowner to act quickly. Otherwise, the roof is at risk for further structural damage. Dallas roofing specialists tend to follow a general set of protocols when called out to perform emergency roof repairs in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

When a fire is the cause of damage, the roofing company will act immediately. They crew will use a tarp or other remedial product to return the roof to a watertight condition. It can be tricky to fully assess the damage of a burnt roof because not all areas of the roof may be safe to access.

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When this is the case, the crew will normally return to the site at a later date to evaluate the full extent of the structural damage and come up with a solution to repair it.

In the event of storm damage, roofers will wait for it to pass before traveling to the site and attempting repair. Workers' safety is paramount, and responsible roofing companies will not dispatch workers during an active storm. Once the storm has passed, roofers will place a tarp over the affected area to prevent further water damage to the roof and the interior of the home. This provides a temporary solution until the damaged area can be fully resealed. To protect the inside of the home, workers typically use buckets to collect the leaking water and spread plastic sheets over floors to keep them dry.

When emergency roof damage occurs, it is imperative for homeowners to remain calm. A professional roofer should be contacted and the appropriate insurance agent immediately thereafter. Homeowners should never attempt to repair the damage themselves. While homeowners can and should take photos of the damage for insurance evaluation purposes, they should stay off the roof itself to avoid injury. Professional roofers are much better equipped to accurately assess the damage, navigate potentially dangerous areas of the roof, formulate temporary and permanent repair solutions, calculate cost estimates and interface with the insurance company for claims purposes.

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