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When choosing a roof material as part of a new home or a roof restoration project, homeowners should be aware of the significant impact their choice can have on their homeowners' insurance. Before deciding what material to use for a new roof, the various options should be discussed with both a Dallas roofing contractor and a home insurance agent.

An insurance company considers a home's roof to be the most important factor when determining the price of a policy. This is because the roof is a gateway. The roof is the first aspect of a house to be damaged by weather conditions or external fires. It is also the primary protective barrier. If the roof holds, then the rest of the house will probably suffer minimal damage. If the roof fails, then the interior damage will be much more extensive. No other part of the house plays such a critical role in deciding overall damage.

How a given material will impact insurance costs depends on the value of the material and the weather conditions and risks of the geographical area. Slate roofs, for example, are extremely expensive to replace and will bring a high premium regardless of location. Materials like clay tile, metal or asphalt are more economical and will not impact the insurance premium as much.

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Wood shingles are extremely risky in areas where there is high fire risk. At minimum, an insurer will dramatically increase premium costs for wood roofs in fire prone areas. At worst, they will refuse to ensure the house at all. Wooden shakes or shingles treated with fire resistant chemicals are usually not considered much better. Homeowners in fire prone areas are much better off going with clay tile, fire resistant asphalt or metal instead.

It will also be important to check an insurance company's specific policies related to replacement coverage. There is an increasing trend to cover only the actual cash value of the roof instead of total replacement cost. This can leave homeowners with a substantial out of pocket expense even after coverage. A policy considerably cheaper than average may not give a homeowner even close to the amount they need to replace a severely damaged roof with a completely new roof.

Finally, the insurer does not overlook the quality of the installation and maintenance. A professionally installed roof backed up by a professional routine maintenance schedule will fare much better when it comes to premium increases.

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