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When it comes to building a roof for a new house or retrofitting a roof on an existing home, deciding on the style of roof can be more difficult than most people think. Dallas roofing professionals have seen that when a person is familiar with different roof styles as well as their pros and cons, they are in the best position to make a good decision.

Gabled roofs are one of the most common styles of roof seen in the United States. They are easily recognized because they are shaped like a triangle. These roofs are beneficial because they easily shed snow and water, and their simple design makes them easy and relatively inexpensive to build. The pitched roof provides vaulted ceilings or attic space. More ventilation is also possible with a gabled roof. The downside of a gabled roof is that it can be problematic when there are strong winds. Shingles can easily fly off the roof and wind uplift can cause the roof to detach from the home. If there is too much overhang, a roofing collapse is possible. This style of roof can be covered with a variety of material including cedar shakes, metal, terra cotta, asphalt shingles and concrete tiles.

Hip roofs are commonly seen in the United States. This style of roof has slopes on all four sides that are equal in length.

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This style of roof is sturdy and durable. It is beneficial to install in areas that receive a lot of snow and rain since the slant of the roof will allow them to easily slide off. Hip roofs also provide more ventilation and make it possible to add additions to the roof like dormers. They offer more space in the home for a loft or attic. One of the biggest disadvantages of a hip roof is its expense. They are usually expensive to build because they have a complex design and require more building materials. Hip roofs can withstand the weight of most types of roofing materials including asphalt shingles and metal panels.

Mansard roofs are another popular style. They have four equal length sides with a double slope on each side. They create extra living space in a home. The downside of this type of roofing system is that it is usually not ideal for areas that receive heavy snowfall. Mansard roofs can be covered in a variety of materials, but since it has a unique design, unique materials make it look more special. Copper roofing is usually a good long-term choice for a mansard style roof.

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