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When it comes time for a homeowner to perform their annual inspection of their roof, knowing exactly what to look for is important. However, because these inspections only take place once per year, and sometimes less often than that, homeowners may forget to check certain important areas. To ensure a roof is functioning well, homeowners should inspect the following parts of their roofing system.

The first area and most important area homeowners should inspect is the attic. Homeowners should look for places where the insulation is hanging or missing, as well as areas where it may be wet. Damp insulation is ineffective insulation and also a good indicator that a leak may be present. The rafters and roof deck should be inspected for decay or potential termite damage. This damage will look like small cracks or wooden flakes hanging from the structures.

Homeowners should also look for moisture and water stains around the chimneys and flues. The presence of water in these areas means the caulking around the chimneys has come loose and is allowing water inside the home, in which case a Dallas roofing professional should be contacted in order to make repairs. Homeowners should avoid going onto their own roofs, as it can be dangerous for someone lacking proper training.

The roofing experts at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or emergency repairs.

After checking the interior of the home, the homeowner should walk around the edge of their home and inspect the gutters, ensuring there is no damage. If a gutter is hanging or missing gutter hooks, it needs to be repaired. These should also be cleaned of any debris during this time.

While checking the gutters, homeowners should also look for problems with the shingles. Curling and cracking can indicate age and often means the shingles no longer protect the home as they should. Areas that are missing shingles should be noted, and a roofing professional should be contacted to repair the issue.

Finally, homeowners should look for signs of water damage to the exterior of the roof. If there are patches of algae or moss growing, it can indicate a severe problem hidden underneath the shingles that puts the entire home at risk. However, discoloration of a roof is normal and, while unsightly, doesn't pose a threat to the home.

Taking proactive steps towards maintaining a roof is the surest way to prevent water damage to a home. While it may not be the most pleasant task, it is often a necessary one.

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