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Repairing or replacing the roof is a costly job. That's why homeowners should devote time every spring and fall to roof maintenance. Regular upkeep can prevent expensive damage and extend the life span of the roof's materials. Well maintained asphalt shingles could last up to 30 years, and slate or tiles may endure for a lifetime. It's important to call a reputable Dallas roofing company for a full inspection at least once per year. Inspectors can check the shingles, flashing, vents and gutters to locate any minor flaws that could turn major later.

Cleaning the gutter system is crucial for keeping the roof dry. Gutters that have become blocked with fallen leaves, twigs, pine needles and animal waste won't function properly. Water can back up onto the roof, seep beneath the shingles and wreak havoc. Every four to six months, use a sturdy ladder and wear thick gloves to manually remove debris from the gutters. Flush out any remaining fragments from the downspouts with a hose. Take this chance to inspect the gutters for cracks, holes or gaps that require fixing.

Another important roof maintenance step is ensuring proper ventilation. In poorly ventilated homes, it's possible for the attic to reach over 140 degrees. Heat will build up and moisture rising up from the structure will condense.

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This often causes the roof to warp and deteriorate. Having vents installed is the best way to achieve healthier air flow. Box vents, power vents, soffits, gable vents and ridge vents are the most popular. Attic fans could also help draw in cooler outside air for regulating indoor heat.

Good landscaping habits will protect the roof's longevity also. Unless homeowners have a living green roof, it's best to keep trees far away from shingles. Overhanging limbs can rub off protective granules and stone coatings over time, causing premature aging. Tree branches can break off during a strong storm to puncture the shingles. Leaves falling into the roof valleys could create a moist haven for water damage. Hiring a licensed arborist for trimming back trees is advised. Allowing in more sunshine will help stop mold and algae growth too.

Other helpful maintenance tips include replacing curling shingles, installing zinc control strips, sealing cracked caulking and wire brushing rusted metal. Giving the roof the attention it deserves can keep it healthy and durable for protecting the home long term. When anything seems amiss, turn to a reliable roofer for help before problems worsen.

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