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How long does it take to reroof a home? The answer is, "It depends." Several factors can influence the time to completion of a new roof. An experienced Dallas roofing contractor will be able to work around or eliminate as many of these factors as possible in order to get a reroofing project completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The weather often delays roofing projects. Wind, rain and severe thunderstorms are no strangers to the Dallas area. A knowledgeable roofer is responsive to changes in the weather and knows how to safely and effectively put a roofing project on hold until the weather clears.

Shingles made of asphalt must be installed under certain temperature conditions: too cold and the shingles will fail to seal, too hot and the shingles could become damaged and unusable during the installation process. Sometimes the reroofing project has to be postponed until the weather cooperates.

Working with an insurance company can also sometimes slow down the reroofing process. Texas law expressly limits the role that roofing contractors can play in the insurance adjustment process, even if the roofer also holds credentials in the adjustment field.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or roof maintenance.

The law completely separates the roles that roofers and insurance adjusters play in the roofing claims business. That said, professional roofers can still advocate for their clients by working alongside the insurance company's adjusters as they make their assessment of the roof's condition. They can also make sure that nothing is overlooked or minimized during the adjustment process.

Repairs to structural damage can lengthen the reroofing project's timeline. Poorly ventilated attics can become the breeding ground for mold and cause the decking to rot from the inside out. Hidden leaks may necessitate the need for unforeseen repairs.

Reliable roofers are familiar with all the elements involved in providing timely reroofing services. Sometimes only the underlayment and shingles need to be replaced, making for a speedy completion. Sometimes the roof needs to be taken down to the rafters before the new roof can go on. This type of roof replacement takes a little longer.

Highly trained roofers are able to anticipate barriers to a quick and efficient roof replacement. They do this by making as thorough an inspection as possible: walking the roof and completely inspecting the attic. Their thoroughness and attention to detail enable them to provide a comprehensive proposal and a reasonable timeframe for the project's completion that takes into account necessary repairs before a new roof can be applied.

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