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Dallas roofing professionals know that homeowners may only need to replace their roof once or twice throughout their lifetime. For this reason, many homeowners have questions about when and how they should replace or repair the roof.

One common concern homeowners have is how to recognize when the roofing system has a problem. Unfortunately, most homeowners only realize there is a problem with their roof after discovering that it has a leak or serious structural damage occurs. For this reason, it is good for homeowners to have their roof inspected twice a year. During the inspection, things like cracked, missing, warped or damaged shingles can be identified. Gutters can also be checked for an excessive accumulation of shingle granules, which could be a sign that the roof's shingles have worn down

Once it becomes apparent that a roof is damaged, homeowners may wonder what options they have. There are two basic options. The first option is to completely replace the roofing system. This means tearing off the shingles, replacing the decking and applying a new underlayment and roof covering. Another option is to apply a second layer of roofing material on top of the existing roof. This is less expensive, but it can also be problematic and may not be permitted by some building codes.

Not all instances of roof damage or roof leaks require that a roof be replaced.

The expert roofers at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or roof maintenance.

Some problems like loose flashing, damaged rubber boots around pipes and vents or missing shingles can simply be repaired. Homeowners must take into consideration the extent of the damage and the age of the roof when deciding if a repair or replacement is necessary. Damage to the rafters and to the plywood decking is serious and will often require that a new roof be installed.

Some homeowners wonder if they can do the work themselves. In the majority of the cases, the answer is no. Professional roofing contractors are trained to do a job safely and effectively. If a homeowner does the job, they may damage the roofing system or injure themselves by falling off the roof. Homeowners can play a role in extending the life of the roof by performing regular maintenance during the fall and spring and then contacting a roofing professional if repairs need to be performed.

Finally, many homeowners wonder how long they should expect the roofing system to last. Most roofing systems are designed to last for 20 years. Roofs that are made using premium materials such as copper or slate can last for centuries. Things like the local climate and environmental conditions will play a role in how long a roof will last as well.

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