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Homeowners should think of their roofs as more than just the home's fancy headdress. The roof is meant to protect the home. Many Dallas roofing options are considered for their curb appeal alone. The truth is homeowners need to be sure the materials on their roof are doing the right job. It is important for homeowners to be able to notice a roof in need of repair or a complete replacement.

The first item a homeowner should consider is the age of the roof. They should remember when the roof was installed and what the estimated lifespan was. Most roofs made from asphalt shingles will begin to decay about 15 or 20 years after initial installation. This is true even if the lifespan is expected to reach 25 or 30 years. Careful homeowners will notice signs of decay before they become unmanageable problems.

Next, one should check the condition of the shingles. Homeowners should check for missing shingles wherever they notice them. It is also good to check the shingles for tears. After many years on a roof, shingles can curl or split. The reason why this is important is because shingles will protect a roof against the weather. Missing or broken shingles will expose the components beneath, allowing water to seep in.

The flashing should also be checked.

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Flashing can be found around any object that protrudes from the roof, such as the chimney or vent pipes. Flashing is also installed wherever the roof meets between two slopes. This flashing is metal that will protect the roof against leaking. It is important to check for rusted or missing flashing, otherwise water can enter the home.

Another area homeowners should pay careful attention to is the gutters and downspout. If any paint chips or other chipping is found, the damage may necessitate repair or replacement of the gutter components to give water safe passage away from the roof.

Finally, the homeowner needs to check for interior damage to the home. If the ceiling or walls begin to show signs of decay, this is likely due to a leaking roof. One should check for water spots in the ceiling, cracked paint or plasterboard that has changed its color. If any of these symptoms of a roof leak are noticed within the home, the roof has more than cosmetic damage.

The extent of the damage mentioned above will determine whether a roof needs to be repaired or replaced. If the home's roof requires constant maintenance, this is likely caused by poor attic ventilation. Homeowners must take control of these problems early.

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