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New roof installation on residential homes costs, on average, between $4,500 and $8,500. The good news is that a homeowner should only have to replace a roof every 20 to 50 years. The bad news is that neglect can cut the roof's life in half. If a roof is not regularly inspected and maintained, with documentation, even a good warranty will not save the expense.

Residential roofs should be inspected twice every year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The beating a roof sustains from prolonged heat and cold during summer and winter is the primary culprit in roofing material breakdown. In northern climates, freezing temperatures and snow buildup can fracture shingles during the winter. Around the Dallas area, the extreme heat and sunshine of the summer can lead to thermal shock and other degradation.

The Dallas roofing industry is familiar with the damage that a neglected roof can do to a home. Summer temperatures in Dallas can often exceed 100 degrees, and the city averages 237 sunny days every year. Combined with the extreme weather the state sometimes receives, the sun and heat can leave a roof dreadfully exposed.

Thermal shock results from quick changes in temperature.

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An afternoon thunderstorm rolling through after a hot and sunny morning can rapidly cool the shingles on a roof. As with other materials, shingles expand as they heat up and contract as they cool. The contraction and expansion from a hot day and cool night is a normal occurrence that shingles can withstand. When the temperature changes rapidly, though, as with a summer storm, the shingles can crack and split.

The same thunderstorms that cause thermal shock can also produce strong winds and hail. While missing shingles caused by high winds are easily noticed, displaced shingle granules caused by hail is difficult to see. An up close look at the roof by a professional is best for suspected storm damage.

Displaced shingle granules expose the asphalt, which comprises most of the shingle, to ultraviolet light. UV rays are responsible for most asphalt shingle deterioration. Ultraviolet light is the catalyst for hydrocarbons in the asphalt to be released and combine with the atmosphere's oxygen. As the asphalt's molecular structure breaks down, the oils dry out, and the shingling becomes brittle. The brittle shingles lose their waterproofing capabilities and become more susceptible to breaking from normal wear and tear.

Regular inspection by a professional can prevent the breakdown of materials from becoming catastrophic. By doubling the life of a home's roof and ensuring the roof's warranty, inspections twice a year protect a homeowner's investment.

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