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Dallas Roofing: Article About Recognizing Rooftop Emergencies

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Homes can be severely damaged if residents don't immediately recognize the signs of a failing rooftop. Entire roof assemblies can collapse into attics if they're neglected for long time periods. Dallas roofing professionals should inspect roofs at least once a year to avoid any major damages during wind or rain events. They can also educate homeowners about damages that develop between appointments that must be immediately evaluated.

At least once a month, homeowners should walk to their sidewalk and analyze the rooftop. They should look for any sagging or low lying areas across sloped surfaces, for example. All roof surfaces should have a smooth appearance. When sagging occurs, the roof decking is probably failing in that location. As a result, ponding develops in low lying areas and causes possible rooftop collapse. Contractors must evaluate this declining area to prevent any further damages to the property.

A common occurrence after a storm is exposed underlayment. Shingles can break off a rooftop and reveal the roofing felt below. Although underlayment is designed to protect a roof from moisture damage, the roofing felt cannot remain exposed for several weeks at a time. Contractors must evaluate the exposed areas for any moisture damage and add brand new shingles when necessary. A call placed to professionals in a timely manner protects the home and reduces residents' investment in repair costs over time.

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Windy storm systems can place considerable force on a rooftop, including the decking. In fact, homeowners may notice that the decking or plywood sections are actually lifting off of the structure. These flat panels are actually loose from their rafter locations, and they are now vulnerable to wind uplift and moisture damage. Contractors should evaluate the decking for its stability and possibly replace it. In the end, all decking must be properly secured to rafters before the next storm.

Common emergency calls occur during rainstorms as moisture finds its way into interior spaces. Active water leaks within the home must be immediately resolved because moisture damage occurs with each drop of water. Homeowners must call contractors and explain the situation. In response, contractors usually offer emergency suggestions to fend off further damages until they arrive. Homeowners must use buckets and rags to stop the water flow until contractors can solve the leaking problem.

During preventive maintenance appointments, homeowners should ask their trusted contractors for an emergency contact number. Most professionals have a call center or hotline for immediate assistance. Residents must keep this number handy to be fully prepared if an emergency does occur at their property.

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