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Most homeowners only install a roof once in their life. Understandably, many are apprehensive and have many questions. One question that often comes up when homeowners speak with Dallas roofing professionals has to do with warranties that come with a new roof. The first warranty that homeowners often see is the asphalt shingle manufacturer warranty. This warranty is specifically designed to cover any defects that took place while the shingle was manufactured. Warranties can last between 20 years to a lifetime. It is a good idea for homeowners to read the NRCA's guidelines about roofing warranties to get a better understanding of what they should expect.

The second warranty is provided by the contractor and guarantees the workmanship the contractor performs. Homeowners should review the warranty carefully to understand what items are covered, what items are not covered and what actions would void the warranty.

Another question that homeowners may have pertains to how the weather may affect their roof installation. For example, some have asked if asphalt shingles can be installed during the winter. The answer is yes. While a good portion of roofing is done during the summer months, there is no such thing as a day that is too cold to install asphalt shingles.

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That being said, asphalt shingles, especially those made from fiberglass, can become brittle during extremely cold weather. Another common question is whether or not the self-sealing strips on the shingles will sufficiently seal during cold temperatures. However, contractors can eliminate these worries by installing shingles on a warm day and only load a few bundles at a time on the roof.

It can be disconcerting to a homeowner if a rainstorm happens after a contractor has removed the roofing material, but before they are able to put on new asphalt shingles. Some wonder if a roof only covered by underlayment can provide protection from the rain. In most cases, it can. Even if the rain has caused the underlayment to wrinkle, it is not going to allow water penetration and will not affect the shingle installation. Truthfully, an underlayment can be installed and left exposed for weeks. What is important is that the contractor review the condition of it to make sure that it has not buckled before installing the new shingles. If this happens, the underlayment will need to be replaced so that when the shingles are installed, they lie flat.

There are a lot of technical questions that arise when doing a roofing job. Homeowners should do their research and feel free to communicate openly with their contractor in order to guarantee they are happy with the final results.

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