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Dallas Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Metal Roofs

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Dallas roofing isn't limited to the asphalt shingles that have been in popular for the last half century. The current trend is favoring metal roofing because it's energy efficient, durable, and cost effective. It does carry a higher price than more traditional options, but it can last as long as the home. People who are ready for a new roof should learn more about the pros and cons of metal roofing so that they can make a more informed decision.

Durability is a plus, and one of the top draws for a metal roof is the fact that it can last forever. This material won't be harmed by insects, the summer heat, or mildew. It will never rot, and corrosion is not a concern thanks to special protective coatings. People who are planning on remaining in a house for the next 50 years will appreciate knowing that the roof will probably never have to be replaced.

Before making the decision to go with a metal roof, consider how it will sound inside the home when it starts to rain. Some people love the sound of rain on metal, and others are bothered by the noise.

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However, those people who want a metal roof without the additional sound can choose to have structural barriers put in place to absorb the sound and keep the house quiet.

One common complaint with metal is that it probably will dent in a hailstorm. What people forget is that asphalt shingles will also dent. The difference is that a metal roof will show the damage while still being resistant to water. On the asphalt roof, the damage will not be readily visible, but the shingle will still be compromised structurally and will have to be replaced to avoid water leaks in the future.

Metal roofs are hailed for being energy efficient, and that's because of the way they reflect heat in either direction. In the winter, heat rising out of the home is directed back into the living space. The heat of summer is reflected off the roof to keep it out of the house. The result is lower energy bills throughout the year.

Metal roofs also go up easier and carry a lower installation cost. This can help offset the price of the materials. People who live in areas that are prone to fires also appreciate the roofs are fire resistant and will help protect their home from this particular threat. While they cost more initially, their ability to withstand the weather, insects, and even fire make them the most durable and cost effective choice.

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