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When the gutter system on a building becomes clogged with leaves and twigs, water that falls off the roof and into the gutters can back up underneath the shingles and into the attic space. Getting rid of clogs can be difficult, especially if the clog is located in a downspout or elbow. Because the gutter systems can take time to keep clean, some homeowners look to gutter guards to prevent clogs and keep their gutters clean. While some gutters guards can work and do provide many advantages, there are cons that should be discussed with expert Dallas roofing contractors.

There are many pros when it comes to gutter guards. Not only can they be installed on an existing gutter system, they prevent most of the leaves and other organic debris that may clog the gutters from entering. They also protect against nesting birds, rodents and insects from making a home and breeding in the gutters. Because there is less leaf litter collecting stagnant water, the risk of having water back up into the roof is reduced. This also means that the gutters are less likely to corrode, as they have a chance to dry out.

While those may make it seem like installing gutter guards is a must for every home, there are some cons that should also be considered.

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The biggest con for most is that depending on the type used, gutter guards can be expensive. Homeowners should still have the gutters cleaned at least twice every year even with the guards, as they are not completely debris proof, and litter can still get stuck in the holes of the mesh. If the gutters are made of lightweight materials such as vinyl or aluminum, heavy guards can actually dent the gutters or cause them to sag.

If gutter guards are recommended by a professional roofer, homeowners should research their options before making a purchase. This is because there are guards on the market that may not work the way they are advertised. Gutter guards with a defective design can actually cause extensive damage to the gutters and may cause bad clogs.

Ultimately, the decision to install gutter guards should depend on whether or not the guards will benefit the gutter system and if they are within the homeowner's budget. When the right type of guard is installed and installation is done correctly, the guards can greatly reduce the amount of maintenance needed and even save on repair costs.

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