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EPDM is the commonly used acronym for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, which is a type of synthetic rubber that displays a variety of traits that are extremely desirable in a roofing system. These systems are often durable and resilient, and they can be easy to maintain. When homeowners contact Dallas roofing professionals to have this system installed, it can last for over 30 years if it is looked after properly. No matter the size or configuration of the roofing system, homeowners should think about some of the following advantages that come with EPDM rooftops.

One of the first advantages that individuals will notice is that EPDM performs very well in any climate. From the hottest southern states to the frigid northern climes, EPDM is able to maintain its resiliency in the face of any inclement weather. In warm weather regions, white EPDM that is properly installed and maintained can greatly reduce cooling costs associated with air conditioning systems. In colder locations, a black EPDM roofing system will be able to help with the insulation and collection of heat due to its color. In this manner black EPDM will help save the property owner money on their heating costs. Ballasted EPDM roofs offer consistently superior performance by adding insulation and increasing energy savings throughout the year by raising the structure's R value.

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EPDM roofs have an extremely long lifespan in comparison to competing roofing systems, often surpassing their 30 year expected period of use. Testing shows that many 30 year old EPDM roofing systems still exhibit their premium performance abilities, which were comparable to when the roof was first installed. EPDM exhibits a very high tensile strength, which prevents damage to the roof and allows property owners to enjoy an even longer investment return window.

While the longevity of the EPDM roof is one of the best features that comes with the system, homeowners will also be able to enjoy very simple maintenance requirements when compared to other roofing systems of the same lifespan. Because EPDM can hold up under any amount of UV radiation, sleet, hail and freezing temperatures, homeowners will not need to maintain their systems so extensively. A routine inspection twice a year in the fall and spring can be enough for individuals to get the most out of their rooftops. Repairs are easy to perform as well. Professionals can reattach missing membrane sections and replace the ballast with ease, allowing the EPDM roof to maintain its condition for years to come.

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