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The growth of moss on a roof is a sure sign that the roof has not had the proper maintenance or attention and is deteriorating. If left unchecked, the growth will slowly eat away at the neglected roof, leading to leaks and the eventual need for replacement or recovering. The good news is that preventing moss growth is relatively easy once a homeowner knows the risks and proper prevention techniques. A Dallas roofing contractor can inspect a homeowner's roof for unwanted growth, recommend various preventative steps or clear off growths that are already present.

The first step in prevention is to analyze the roof's likelihood of developing moss in the first place. Not all roofs are equally likely to suffer from this problem. The moss requires an organic surface upon which to feed. This means that wooden roofs, asphalt shingle roofs and roofs with excessive buildup of debris or foliage are more likely to need moss growth prevention. Moss requires excessive moisture and some shade, so roofs in rainy climates or roofs that do not have the proper drainage will be at greater risk.

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Once the likelihood of getting roof moss has been considered, a homeowner can decide if it is worth the expense and effort to take extra steps to prevent it. A clean metal roof in an arid climate, for example, is very unlikely to suffer from roof moss, but a wooden shake roof in a shady spot on the coast is going to be extremely vulnerable.

The simplest way to help prevent roof moss is to keep the roof clean and cut back any excess foliage and tree branches that may be shading the roof and depositing organic debris. Excess debris not only provides a more inviting bed for moss to grow on; it also hampers drainage, keeping the roof moist and accommodating.

A more sophisticated step is to install zinc or copper strips or replace the roof with shingles that are moss resistant. Some types of shingles are treated to prevent moss or covered with copper granules that are naturally resistant. These interventions are not recommended for existing roofs and are best done as part of a roof replacement.

If moss prevention fails, the moss can be cleaned off with various solutions. The most common cleaning method is with a diluted bleach solution that will kill the moss and wash it away. The moss should never be forcibly scraped off.

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