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Dry rot is a major roofing nightmare that can significantly compromise the structural integrity of a home. Dry rot is caused by certain fungi breaking down the shingles and eating away at the supporting wood. The wood becomes brittle and crumbly to the point of disintegration if left untreated. Rain can begin leaking through to result in severe water damage inside the home. Homeowners who notice dry rot must call a licensed Dallas roofing company immediately to avoid roof collapse. Dry rot damage will come with big expenses, so use the following prevention tips to start minimizing this costly risk now.

High humidity and excessive moisture will create a haven for dry rot fungus to grow. Therefore, installing a roof ventilation system will be the most effective tactic for avoiding dry rot. Ridge vents, gable vents, soffits and attic fans can facilitate proper air flow into the attic. Ventilation will help stabilize the indoor temperature year round and prevent the buildup of moisture. Roofers often suggest that humidity levels remain between 40 percent and 60 percent to discourage dry rot.

Regular roof maintenance is key when lowering the threat of dry rot.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or roof maintenance.

Homeowners must take the time to remove leaves, tree branches, needles, moss and other debris from their roof. Pay close attention to the valleys and corners where debris often accumulates. It's advised that owners conduct a thorough roof and gutter cleaning at least once per year. This will help maximize appropriate water flow off the roof so that moisture isn't accumulating under shingles. Trimming back surrounding trees will also allow in more sunshine to naturally soak up wet spots.

Investing in biannual inspections with a reliable roofing professional is smart to ensure the roof is kept in the best possible condition to fight dry rot. Any cracked, curling or loose shingles should be repaired and refastened immediately to prevent water seepage. Roofers will be able to quickly replace missing shingles for the right layer of protection. Inspectors can also find damaged sealants and malfunctioning flashing for repair. This is particularly important around chimneys, vents, skylights and other roof fixtures where water often leaks.

If the roof has already been affected by dry rot, immediate attention is essential to replace the dark sunken and shrunken wood. Dry rot can grow as much as 10 feet in one year, so don't ignore the problem. Full roof replacement is commonly required, but sometimes only the rotted parts need to be treated and replaced when homeowners seek help fast.

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