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While standard shingles can lower initial roofing costs, they only last about 20 years, and their style range is narrow. Premium roof coverings last much longer, and they offer great curb appeal. Professionals in the Dallas roofing community install an array of premium roofing options.

One way to step up from standard shingles is to choose premium shingles. These contain more asphalt than the economy models, and they can come with warranties of 50 years or longer. Premium shingles are also sold in a broad color spectrum. A style conscious homeowner can select a hue that stunningly accents a home, and a budget aware homeowner can choose light colored premium shingles that reflect heat and reduce cooling costs.

Those interested in eye-catching durability can also turn to metal roofs. Aluminum, steel, copper and zinc are used to update houses with stylish roofs that typically withstand the elements for a minimum of 40 years. In fact, some metal roof systems have been rated to last 80 years!

With that said, tile roofs last the longest. They can last over 100 years, and there are many types of roofing tiles.

Slate tiles can carry a high cost because they are very heavy, which makes them harder to transport and install than other roofing materials. These durable tiles do look great on a roof, and green homeowners who find salvaged slate from demolished buildings can save on their roofing costs.

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Light colored slate is popular in warm clients, as are clay tiles. Clay beautifully adorns many local houses. It comes in several hues, and its composition prevents it from retaining much heat, which is a positive characteristic for any Dallas area roof.

Concrete tiles are less expensive than slate, and the addition of dyes during the mixing process enables manufacturers to sell them in many colors, including those that mimic clay. Tiles made from concrete offer plenty of style and durability.

Homes converting from shingles to any heavy tile system will likely have to undergo modifications to withstand the collective weight of their new tiles. Alternatively, homeowners can save on unique tiles that give the appearance of slate, concrete or clay but cost much less.

These alternative tiles are made of recycled rubber, which is much lighter than other roofing tile materials. Rubber also accepts pigments, and manufacturers subsequently sell recycled rubber roofing tiles in a wide variety of color tones. Expect similar longevity from rubber roofing tiles as from other tiles.

Investing in a premium roof provides style options, and it can fill a homeowner with long lasting confidence about their roof.

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