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Metal architectural shingles are some of the newer roofing products that homeowners are considering for new builds or for roof replacement because of their numerous benefits. Unlike standing seam or corrugated metal roofing, architectural shingles come in a variety of shapes and sizes that some consumers consider more attractive. Yet, metal shingles offer all the benefits of the older types of metal roofing products. To determine if metal shingles are a good fit for a home's architecture and style, property owners can talk with a Dallas roofing professional. Roofers can assist homeowners in getting the style they desire within their allotted budget.

Although metal is a more expensive roofing product than traditional asphalt, it comes with a host of benefits that asphalt can't provide. Metal is far more durable and long lasting, and manufacturers typically warranty their products for much longer periods of time. Asphalt shingles are generally warrantied for 15 to 20 years whereas metal shingles can be warrantied for up to 50 years. Most warranties include the replacement costs for both the material and the installation, but homeowners should be sure to check the fine print with the contractor. A correctly installed metal roof can last up to 60 years or more.

Metal can be warrantied for longer time periods because it is extremely weather resistant. It can withstand high winds, resists leaks and is fire resistant as well.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or gutters.

Metal roofing structures are rated as Class A, and because of that rating, insurance companies often provide homeowners up to a 30 percent reduction in their premiums. Metal shingles also require very little maintenance. As for any roof, it is a good idea to have it inspected at least once per year and after a major storm, but most roofing professionals provide this service on a contractual basis for a reasonable fee.

Additionally, metal shingles save property owners money on their heating and cooling costs. Metal reflects heat in the summer, and the government rewards homeowners who install metal roofing with a tax credit that saves them even more. Metal roofs that are lighter in color, or those that are treated with light reflecting pigments, can save additional money over the life of the roof and add up to significant savings.

Metal shingles are extremely versatile. Homeowners who have admired the look of slate, wood shake or ceramic tile but don't want to pay that much for a roof can achieve that look by using metal shingles that are textured to resemble these natural products.

Talking with a local certified roofing contractor can help homeowners make the best decision for their home, but for aesthetics and value, metal is hard to beat.

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